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My Story( Part One)         http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mystorypartone.htm

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My Story ( Part Three)     http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mystorypartthree.htm

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My S.R.S Story.                           http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mysrsstory.htm

My FFS Surgery Story               http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/myffssurgerystory.htm

The Tiger Temple.                        http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/thetigertemple.htm

My Face CO2 Laser Trip To Bangkok    http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/myfaceco2lasertrip.htm

My Forehead Repair Trip                        http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/myforeheadrepairtrip.htm

Tinas Transform Nails                              http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/tinastransformnails.htm

My Disney Photo Shows                            http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mydisneyphotoshows.htm

My Trip To The USA 2010                        http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/mytriptotheusa2010.htm

My Trip To The USA 2013                         http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/myamericantrip2013.htm

My Trip To The USA 2016                         http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/tinaintheusain2016.htm

Tina At Kew Gardens                                 http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/tinaatkewgardens.htm

Pink Butterfly Plants                                  http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/pinkbutterflyplants.htm

Coming Out                                                  http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/comingout.htm

I Believe                                                         http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/ibelieve.htm

The Red Pill Is Blue                                     http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/theredpillisblue.htm

Gender Dysphoria                                       http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/genderdysphoria.htm

Gender Transition                                       http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/gendertransition.htm

TRANSSEXUALITY                                    http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/transsexuality.htm

The Primer To Transsexuality                  http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/primeroftranssexuality.htm

No Myths With Transition                         http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/nomythswithtransition.htm

For All We Know                                          http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/forallweknow.htm

I Am Woman                                                 http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/iamwoman.htm

Life After Transition                                    http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/lifeaftertransition.htm

Why Did This Happen To Me                    http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/whydidthishappentome.htm

Pink Butterfly Network                              http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/pinkbutterflynetwork.htm

Kiss And Tell                                                 http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/kissandtell.htm

We Are Not Alone                                        http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/wearenotalone.htm

We Are Not Alone 2                                     http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/wearenotalone2.htm

Perfect Fasntasy                                           http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/perfectfantasy.htm

Frogs And Snails                                           http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/frogsandsnails.htm

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Tinas City Nottingham                                http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/tinascitynottingham.htm

The Issue Of Passing .                                  http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/theissueofpassing.htm

The Power And The Glory                           http://www.tinastransgenderworld.co.uk/the-power-and-the-glory


                                                    Welcome To My Website .

Tinas Transgender World is one persons story about being Transsexual and suffering over the years with Gender Dysphoria and the eventual transition from being male to female .    Some times its hard to put into words a persons feelings about their selfs and especially try to put it on to a website like this ,but I hope you will take the time to read some of my pages and read my story about transition and also some of the things that have encountered along my journey .  I was aged 50 when I started my  transition journey and I'm now 60 years of age ,so have spent roughly 10 years doing my transition

I do hope that any person who is also about to take this life changing journey will take inspiration from my site and realise its totally achievable if you really want this bad enough .   The pages on my site also tell of my journey on six occasions that I travelled to Thailand to do my surgeries their with Dr Chettawut in Bangkok .   Also my pages tell of other things including the busineses I built and created after starting again after loosing my career of 16 years and these included my nail salon Tinas Transform Nails and also my plant buseness Pink Butterfly Plants .

A persons transition journey is a life long thing that I'm sure I will still be on till I die and every new day life still throws challenges at me .

Love And Light

Tina Marie Phillips





I was born a woman and was labeled a male because of the wrong physical appendage and after decades of pressure with my life to try and live with it,i finally fixed it .   Now people probably call that transitioning ,but I didant become something I wasant already.  I was a woman before ,and I'm a woman now .... IT WAS A REVELATION.   a revelation I had to accept, but was reluctant to embrace as a person .

Once I accepted the truth and I revealed it to friends and family ,they had to be the ones to transition their views of me going from male to female on the outside .   Revelation is what a transgender person does ,transitioning is what people round us do .   People need to realise that a persons sex is dominated by a persons brain and not what they outwardly look like and the revelation of outwardly bringing the two parts together in line as one living entity is in my case the one thing that has probably saved my life .  My story on this website shows that after decades of inner turmoil ,you can actually do something about this .       I hope my story and web site gives others the inspiration to chase their own dreams .         How does one become a Butterfly " You must want to fly so bad ,you are willing to give up being a caterpillar ".      


    My Transitional journey and roller coaster ride lasted for nearly ten years and was a magical experience that only a person doing it would fully appreciate.When I started this journey I did not know wear it would take me ,I only had hopes and beliefs that it would give me the life I had always wanted and allow that person trapped inside to finally come into this world .  My pages on my website im sure show you the journey I took with my travels to Thailand and other trips abroad.  So whats life really like after Transition ***********Simply  **   Great *******






People outside the trans experience have a truly hard time understanding the magnitude of the task of changing gender expression. No one would ever do this unless they were forced to by their own psychology. I did choose to follow a number of specific steps to change my gender expression; it's just that I was so compelled by inner need that I would say it's not really a choice.

This is so hard that no one would do this if they had any other option. My only other option was to die. And yes, I was prepared to die. I had carefully detailed plans and all the necessary supplies. All I needed were 10 minutes before I went to bed and I wouldn't wake up the next day. I saw it less as suicide and more like euthanasia: I had a medical condition that bordered on unbearable at times.

I don't feel that I need that option anymore; for the most part, my life as a trans woman seems to be working. But I truly cannot go back to living as a man. This is a choice like breathing is a choice. I can choose to not breathe, but not for long. I have to do this to stay alive. Truly I do.

Gender is largely a societal construct. All this "feminine" stuff I'm practicing how to do is learned, a product of our culture. If I want to look feminine, I have to adopt these culturally derived standards of dress, behavior, and speech. I've come to realize that the real differences between men and women probably aren't that great. After all, I had a female mind my whole life, and yet somehow I was able to successfully deny that for 50 years. Unfortunately, the cultural differences between genders are enormous.

Women have suffered greatly at the hands of men; there are many places where it's still evident. The whole time I lived as a male, I really believed that women were the superior sex (their contribution to making children, for example, is vastly greater). I actually had to learn to accept that I really am good enough to be a woman. At first I didn't believe it.

As explained somewhat above, gender dysphoria is unspeakably painful, and changing gender expression is extremely hard. It really would have been a lot easier to have just been a born woman the whole time than to switch. No matter what I do, I'll always be a trans woman, second-rate. There will always be people who won't accept me, because they think I'm a fraud. I wouldn't have that problem if I were a born woman.

I have said before that I like being a trans woman, and I wouldn't be a born woman even if I could. That's wrong. Clearly I'd be a born woman if I could: Life would be vastly easier. I wouldn't be a man even if I could, but I probably feel that way because I don't understand men and can't imagine what it would be like to be one.

I doubt that born women and men ever spend much time thinking about it. I'd do anything to be able to be that way. I'd do anything to have a uterus, ovaries, and periods. My many born-woman friends all think I'm totally nuts for wanting periods, but they don't understand. When you're outside this, it's hard to comprehend what it really feels like.

I'm stuck spending my whole life looking over the fence, wishing I were on the inside. Sometimes it's hard to believe all this struggle is worthwhile. But, again, I have little choice.

At the end of the day my quest in life was to bring my mind and body together as one living thing ,and being able to transition gave me the opertunity to acheeve this .     Their will always be people out their who don't understand what makes a trans person tick  and I suppose its their perogative to be that way .    One thing that has been clearly evident to me is this , the tolerance of people towards trans women like myself has come along way in the last few years ,and people like myself may not be loved for what they are but the tolerance level has gone up a lot in the last 20-30 years and with things like the Gender Recognition Act being put in place ,this has allowed many to take great strides forward with their lifes .    I only ever dreamed that things like a female passport ,a female birth certificate and a Gender Recognition certificate would one day be in my possetion ,but I do in fact have all these things ,and with these I can legally marry a person of the opposite gender .

With the massive strides these days in medical fields who knows ,perhaps one day people who transition from male to female will be able to have the correct parts to actually be able to have children of their own ,because  this is the one thing I truly am missing .





                   Welcome To Tinas Transgender World


In April 2016 I set about my task of raising Transgender awareness in Nottingham .  To do this I decided to shoot a series of You Tube  videos  with most of the cosmetic ounters in the stores in Nottingham .  The video is a compilation of some of these videos.

My mother sadly passed away on the 6th of April this year and I needed to try and deal with this ,so doing these videos helped me cope with this very sad time .  Unfortunately some out their chose to say I was wrong to actually do this ,one being my friend Caroline Cossey who say I should be at home mourning instead .  Unfortunately I didant agree with this and decided to carry on doing the videos ,so Caroline turned on me and acused me of loosing my way and becoming a lost child ,wich pretty much amazed me to say the least .   At this time our friendship ended ,so she blocked me on Face Book .  I really don't understand how another  Transsexual woman could turn on another  one like this ,and we haven't spoken since then ....sad really sad .   My You Tube channel is under Tina Phillips and at the point of putting this on my website I have 40 videos on You Tube.




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When I retire I have a new goal in life and that will be this ,I am going to wright a book about my life and the journey I have been on with all its stories and the ups and downs of being a Transsexual Woman in todays society.  The title of this book will be as the photo below ,because of wear I started in the deep pit coal mines of the Nottinghamshire Coalfields



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